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  Agentur HeadLions
Rothschwaigestr. 38
D - 80997 Munich
fon I: +49 (89) 1 41 47 26
fon II: +49 (1 70) 2 81 83 50
fax: +49 (89) 1 41 47 26

Our philosophy is simple:
HeadLions produce Headlines. To present your brand to the public is our daily challenge.

Our excellence is your advantage:

The HeadLions are experienced journalists in the sectors of Print, Radio and TV. We do not cooperate with unknown specialized journalists - but with our colleagues whose demands and requirements are well known to us.
The HeadLions themselves are successful former professional sportsmen. We do not only guarantee best contacts to the media but also to the sport scene, that we are part of.
TheHeadLions provide (nearly) all media services - from classical press relation, media consultancy and event organization to digital TV production in our own edits. Thus we can avoid unnecessary friction losses.
The HeadLions operate as a interface between the industry, the active sport scene and the press. Thereby we take advantage of the vast Cross-Promotion possibilities between all parties involved - because thus we use synergy effects.

HeadLions your access to media. Because they know what they are doing...

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